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Digital Infrastructure, Renewable Energy Infrastructure and Agriculture.

Cordiant manages private debt and private equity funds, typically focused on middle-market growth opportunities. The firm has offices in Montreal, London, Luxembourg and São Paulo.  For information on Cordiant Digital Infrastructure, please visit: Cordiant Digital Trust



Cordiant is a partner-owned, partner-run firm specialising in sector-focused investing in “Infrastructure & Real Assets 2.0”.

The sectors that embody a fast-evolving economy, economic opportunity and the challenges of sustainability and Net Zero. These sectors are:  

  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy infrastructure
  • Agriculture Value Chain  

Cordiant focuses on investment opportunities in these sectors though both private equity and private debt funds. It does so on a global basis.  

At the time of writing Cordiant-managed funds had committed capital approaching $US 3 billion.  

Cordiant has specific digital, renewable, agriculture and private credit teams. Each team combines seasoned senior industry executives and experienced private capital investors. Cordiant also has a dedicated Responsible Investing team, which is fully integrated into the investment decision-making of each group.  

The firm has an investing focus on middle-market, growth capital opportunities.  

This allows Cordiant to focus on generating IRR and MOIC for investors by backing growth (including buy-and-build strategies) and improvements in investee company operations. Cordiant is typically a hands-on investor and relies on proprietary origination for a considerable proportion of its investment opportunities.  

Since 2015-2016, when Cordiant was acquired by the current partner group, the firm has cultivated a track record of exceeding mandated target returns. Whilst focused on the investment opportunities of today and the future, the firm has a distinctly old-fashioned partnership culture: the partners are directly aligned with investors both financially and reputationally.



“Industry Expertise + Mid-Market + Responsible Investing”

Cordiant’s client base consists of institutional investors for whom we seek to deliver added value through:  

  • a deep sector expertise that we bring to our focus sectors. Cordiant’s investment teams are headed by individuals with extensive operating experience. This allows Cordiant to be a more credible provider of growth capital (whether equity or debt) because we have the hands-on industry knowledge to help companies grow and evolve.    
  • operating experience that is reinforced by individuals skilled at investing in private markets  
  • a focus on middle market companies that offers the opportunity to generate return through capital expenditures on new assets, improved operations, higher margins and multiple expansion (as platforms grow in size)    
  • a strong focus on responsible investing (encompassing sustainability, ESG, impact investing and a focus on supporting Net Zero goals). Cordiant has a long track record in responsible investing–having been an early signatory of the U.N. PRI and a founding signatory of the Impact Principles–and has a particular focus on Net Zero and sustainable approaches to agriculture. As a firm, we remain intent on seeking practical and measurable results.

Cordiant Luxembourg S.A. SFDR Disclosure Statement 2022
The Impact Principles’ Independent Verification Statement 2021


At Cordiant, we believe that our success depends on the success of our clients. By making growth capital investments in upper mid-market businesses in sectors we understand deeply and global markets where we can deploy historic experience, we seek to provide our investors with prudent portfolio diversification and above average risk-adjusted returns. Cordiant’s focus on industry expertise and bespoke capital solutions is designed to allow investee companies to fulfill their growth potential.


Founded in 1999, Cordiant’s strategic direction, ownership and leadership evolved substantially beginning in 2016. Cordiant is now a truly global, sector-focused investor:  it has mandates in Europe, North America, the OECD as well as its historic base in Emerging Markets. Since 2018, the firm has expanded from its base in Montréal (Canada) to open offices in London, Luxembourg and São Paulo. The firm is now partner-owned and partner-run, providing strong alignment of interests with our investors. In 2021, Cordiant IPO’d Cordiant Digital infrastructure Limited on the London Stock Exchange, giving it a first quasi-permanent capital vehicle.

Our success depends on the success of our clients.


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